You insure your house, you insure your car, why not insure your income?

At OUR PLANNING FIRM, our goal is for you to stop worrying about your money….permanently.  Not because of “positive thinking” or MIND CONTROL, but because of a clearly laid out strategy to preserve your money, grow it, and keep paying your bills for life. 


Most plans put out by most advisors are based on pretty charts and past performance. They’re all about never-ending growth of the stock market. But will the markets perform in the future identically to the past?


Those who retired in 1999 and 2007—and many did—learned the hard way about what is known as SEQUENCE OF RETURN risk. Simply put, Sequence Risk is the risk that a sudden, unexpected bear market can hit soon after you pull the plug on your job. It happens because people tend to retire when markets are UP.


         What’s wrong with that? Well,  If you’ve seen 8 to 10 years of steady climbing brought about by government stimulus and easy money, the odds of another 8 to 10 years of uninterrupted massive growth–get very small.


Smart people don’t believe it. They have  a target dollar amount in mind upon which they commit taking ‘X’ number of dollars off the table—like forty or fifty percent—DEDICATING it to fixed income. With the rest they can keep playing with the HOUSE’S money.


On an increasing basis, we see retiring professionals placing thirty to sixty percent of their retirement nest egg into exceptional regulated, audited fixed income vehicles that can pay in the range of five to nine percent for life without market risk. What does this do for their portfolio and their entire financial plan?


It protects it. It locks in desired outcomes in the area of recurring, safe reliable income. The most successful retirements aren’t those sitting on a big pile of risky mutual funds oblivious to a crash, the most secure retirements are those that pay heavy amounts of reliable, PREDICTABLE, guaranteed income in EXCESS OF ALL EXPENSES, for life.


Think about it–If you never had to worry about another market loss as long as you lived and you had more than enough income coming in every month through age one hundred for both you and your spouse, WOULDN’T YOU FEEL A LOT LESS WORRY, and a lot MORE COMFORTABLE with your financial plan?

You insure your house, you insure your car. Why not insure your income?

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