The 5 Annuity “Don’ts

The search for the right annuity begins with knowing the purpose of your money. In other words, what are you most trying to accomplish? We can help you shorten the time involved in finding the right annuity for you, with a list of “Do’s”.  However, I have found it is also very helpful to know your “Don’ts”.  Here are 5 Annuity “Don’ts” that can make you 100% more informed, almost immediately:

If you’re nearing retirement, or already retired, and you’re considering an annuity in the next thirty to ninety days, I have a caution for you: don’t buy any annuity until you understand which kind of annuity best fits your needs.


  • Which annuities provide the most liquidity?
  • Which annuities have the lowest cost?
  • Which annuities best protect your heirs and protect principal?
  • Which annuities have the most effective growth strategies?
  • Which annuities can pay you the MOST income?

Understanding your needs, learning more about your goals, helping you make smart investment choices, and keeping your money safe--we call it doing our job.

With no cost or obligation, we’ll help you arrive at a sound and secure annuity decision. As fiduciaries, our work on your behalf is always done with your best interests in mind. The IQ Wealth  system reviews up to 1200 annuities (or more) with the objective of leaving no stone unturned for you.

Because we are licensed investment advisors, we can also help you incorporate your annuity within a customized written financial plan. When you place your annuity through our firm, there is no charge for the hours involved in creating your professional plan. We want YOU to succeed, and we'd like to help make your life more simple.

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