Your 403(b) and Fixed Index Annuities: Smart Retirement Planning for Teachers

Many privately held companies offer their employees a 401(k) retirement plan as part of their benefits package. Public employees typically have a similar option, with most schools offering educators a…
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Research: Rising Satisfaction Among Annuity Owners…

Just Don’t Use The Word Annuity… People like what annuities do, they just wish they were called by a different name, according to recent research among Baby Boomers, conducted by…
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Will You Be Able To Retire, And Stay Retired?

When baby boomers were growing up and growing their hair, people said that “these kids don’t know what they want.” Today, baby boomers are becoming very clear about what they…
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Income Planning In The New Economy

Most people want to simplify their finances, not make them more complicated. But planning for 30 years of income is far more complicated than previously thought. It turns out that…
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Wealth Manager and Annuity Authority Steve Jurich Hits Amazon Best-Seller List With New Book

Best-selling Author Steve Jurich, Certified Income Specialist™ and Editor of™, recently hit three separate best-seller lists with his book, “Smart is the New Rich™.” Scottsdale, AZ – July…
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You insure your house, you insure your car, why not insure your income?

At OUR PLANNING FIRM, our goal is for you to stop worrying about your money….permanently.  Not because of “positive thinking” or MIND CONTROL, but because of a clearly laid out…
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