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Q. What is my retirement score?

Fidelity offers a calculator that will give you a retirement score - a numerical score that rates how you are doing in working towards your retirement. You will answer 6 questions and you will receive a score rating your retirement readiness - along with action steps that will help you to improve.

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Q. Section 72(t) Calculator: How much can I withdraw prior to age 59 1/2?

The IRS has very specific rules about how much you can withdraw from your retirement accounts while avoiding the age 59.5 penalty. This calculator will help you to see how much you will be able to withdraw and how those withdrawals will affect your balance over time.

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Q. How long will I live?

We all need to know how long we need our money to last, and this is a good calculator for planning purposes. It is the calculator that the Social Security Administration uses, and it is based on your gender and your birthdate. It takes only a few seconds to fill out and it will give you your average life expectancy.

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